Zenith X Hi-Vis Helmets


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The Kask Zenith X Hi-Vis Helmet has a high visibility fluorescent color shell.

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The Kask Zenith X Hi-Vis Helmet has a high visibility fluorescent color shell.



Size: 52cm to 63cm head circumference (20.47in to  24.8in)

Weight: 490g (1.08lbs)

Standards: ANSI Z89.1 Type 1 Class E, protection against top, front, rear, and side impacts in conformity with EN 12492, Shock energy absorption capacity (Clauses - front, - lateral, - rear), Penetration (clause 4.2.2), Retention system strength (Clause 4.2.3), Retention system effectiveness (Clause 4.2.4)

Zenith X Hi-Vis Helmets Features:

• Impact Protection: Low-density inner core optimized for top impacts, high-density inner shell for side impact absorption, lightweight external shell engineered for better performance even in low temperatures (-30ºC), Resists yellowing and degradation

• Accessorize: Easy mounting slots for integration of visors, face shields, and earmuffs (sold separately). Outfitted with 4 removable nylon external lamp attachment clips (compatible with KASK headlamps and industry headlamps with elastic bands) with earplug holders, and front attachment point for advanced customization and easy integration of accessories--includes cap cover for debris protection

• Clean and Comfortable: New, moisture-wicking interior composite fabric integrated with Hydrocool® moisture-wicking technology and exceptionally soft textiles for enhanced user comfort. Infused with a deodorizing silver-ion treatment

• Maximum Airflow: Equipped with 8 air intake ventilation channels

• Accessibility: Enhanced attachment system that quickly secures into place and allows for easier replacement, and removal and drastically improves padding durability

• The Perfect Fit: A size adjustment system which integrates three components for all-day comfort. A new, double diameter dial allows for easier size adjustments and ergonomic side wings ensure a fast and secure fit against the back of the head. The patented Self Adaptive Live Hinge is the latest, self-adjusting fit technology that moves as the wearer moves

• Rugged Durability: Hypoallergenic and washable chinstrap designed in eco-leather for high degree of comfort and reduction of skin irritation. Features an updated lateral adjustment divider with additional adjustment point for a more precise fit and attachment loop for clipping the helmet to a harness

• Safety Standards: Helmet meets Class E (Electrical) protection standards (Proof tested at 20,000 volts)

• Designed for High Visibility: Nameplate for easy identification on the back of the helmet, as well as reflective adhesive stickers