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Tree climbing gear and arborist equipment is what we do. From tree climbing harnesses and saddles, climbing ropes, to arborist helmets, tree climbing spikes, arborist lanyards, tree climbing boots, and everything in between, Sherrilltree offers a wide selection of tree climbing equipment to help you get off the ground and into the tree safely and efficiently. We partner with all the top brands like PetzlRock ExoticaNotch EquipmentKaskProtosTeufelbergerBuckingham, and more to provide the best selection of arborist climbing gear for any budget or experience level.

Whether you are new to the industry, or a well experienced arborist, our goal is to provide the best selection of climbing gear to our customers. If you are looking for a complete tree climbing kit, or specific gear to complete your system, you will find all the gear to build out the exact tree climbing kit you want.

As always, we are here to help you find the gear you want and are happy to answer any questions you may have.

What Is the Point of Tree Climbing Gear?

Climbing equipment, such as an adjustable chest harness, is a critical part of a climb. The higher you get, the higher the danger of falling out of the tree. Climbing equipment allows you to traverse the tree while hanging on to sharp tools that could cause harm without the gear.

Recreational tree climbing gear is still a must. It will keep you latched in place, just in case you fall from your perch. The safer you are, the better when pushing your way up a tree.

When climbing trees, arborist climbing gear is a must. You need this gear to keep you safe in the tree. With free shipping on several orders, we are ready to supply you with any products you need for the safest climb possible.

What Tree Climbing Equipment Do I Need to Start Climbing Trees?

Whether you're getting into recreational tree climbing or are beginning to do tree work, there are 7 essential pieces of gear that you'll need. These pieces of gear are listed below, and will help you get to the canopy in no time. New climbers need these at a bare minimum, but once they're obtained, extra gear can be accumulated as well.

Tree Climbing Harnesses

One of the most important pieces of gear in any tree climbing kit is the harness. Tree climbing harnesses hold you properly. When selecting a harness, it needs to be designed for climbing trees. They have features that rock climbing harnesses lack, like side D-rings. They also keep you in what's called work positioning, where rock climbing and caving harnesses don't.

Fliplines or Lanyards

A flipline, or a lanyard, is a section of rope that fastens to your harness. It's attached to one D-ring, wrapped around the true, then attached to the opposite D-ring. They hold you in position, and provide a secondary form of attachment while making cuts.

Flipline or Lanyard Adjuster

These are used to adjust tension in the flipline. They sometimes come with the flipline, but often need to be purchased separately.

Climbing Ropes

Without rope, how do you expect to climb? It's important to realize that arborists require specialty rope when climbing trees. It cannot be substituted with rope for rock climbing or caving, because they are unable to accommodate the needs of tree climbing. Tree climbing rope has to have low stretch, and be pliable so that knot techniques can be accomplished without any issues.

Prusik or Friction Hitch

This is a short piece of specialist rope required to adjust your position on the climbing rope. This is because they need to be able to resist the heat created by friction on the climbing rope.


There are a large range of carabiners from a number of different manufacturers. Many are made from alloy or steel, depending on the needs that the carabiner has to server. A kit needs to have at least 2, but 4 is recommended.

Spurs or Spikes

These allow you to "walk" up the tree when you can't find any natural foot holds. They are only used when doing tree removal, though, as they can damage the tree's health overall.

High Quality Tree Climbing Gear is a Must

When you're putting together your tree climbing kit, you only want to use the highest quality tree climbing gear. Great components are your life line in the tree. As such, safety should always be the first priority. Using products designed for climbing trees, whether it be tree work or recreational tree climbing, is a must. We make it a point to carry gear that you can trust at prices that you can't beat. Get your next kit with us here at Sherilltree!