Pro Rewards

Earn points, save on gear.

...but that's not all. Sherrilltree Pro Rewards is your ticket to exclusive promotions and perks created just for our members.


Purchase on the website & earn 1 point for every $ spent.

1 pt / $

Refer A Friend

Earn 500 pts for referring a friend.


500 pts

Share on Facebook

Earn 50 pts for sharing a post on Facebook.

50 pts

Follow on Instagram

Earn 50 pts when you follow us on Instagram.

50 pts

Write A Review

Earn 200 pts for writing a review.


200 pts

Birthday Bonus

Earn 100 pts each year on your birthday.


100 pts

Earn rewards by redeeming your points.

You can now get coupons and exclusive Sherrilltree merchandise just by redeeming your points.

$10 coupon

Get a $10 coupon for redeeming 500 pts.

500 pts

$15 coupon

Get a $15 coupon for redeeming 750 pts.

750 pts

$20 coupon

Get a $20 coupon for redeeming 1,000 pts.

1,000 pts

$25 coupon

Get a $25 coupon for redeeming 1,250 pts.

1,250 pts

$30 coupon

Get a $30 coupon for redeeming 1,500 pts.

1,500 pts

Free Shipping

Shipping is absolutely FREE upon redeeming 3,000 pts. Valid once per month.

3,000 pts

Your journey to Pro Elite can earn you a bag full of rewards.

Sherrilltree Pro Rewards has 3 tiers. Earn points to advance to a higher level and unlock benefits, rewards and products.

Benefits Pro Member Pro Plus Pro Elite

Purchase points in a year


Special Birthday Bonus

Early Access to Sales

Extra Point Days

Bonus Coupon

$20 off
$50 off

Free Product


Benefits Pro Member Pro Plus Pro Elite

Purchase points in a year




Special Birthday Bonus

Early Access to Sales

Extra Point Days

Bonus Coupon

$20 off

$50 off

Free Product


Ready to get started? Sign up for Sherrilltree Pro Rewards or login to your exisiting account:


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What is the Pro Rewards Program? How does it work?

The Sherrilltree Pro Rewards program is our way of giving back to Sherrilltree customers. Pro Rewards members earn 1 point per dollar spent on As members accrue points, more rewards are unlocked at an increased value. The program is structured with three tiers through which members can advance as they earn points. The higher the tier, the better the rewards!

Is there a cost to participate?

Nope – the program is completely free.

How do I join the Pro Rewards Program?

If you're new to, all you need to do is create an online account and check the box at sign-up that reads, "Enroll Me In The Sherrilltree Pro Rewards Program." As soon as you submit the form, you will become a Pro Rewards member. Click here to create an account.

If you already have an account on but are not yet a Pro Rewards member, visit your account settings and click on "Pro Rewards." On this page, you will see a button that reads, "Sign Up for Pro Rewards." Click the button to enroll in the program. Your Pro Rewards Dashboard and member details will now live on this page.

How do I earn points?

Points are earned each time you make a purchase on You can also earn points for referring a friend, writing a review, following us on social media, sharing us on Facebook, and on your birthday. 100 points are automatically awarded as a bonus when you create your account.

Do my points expire?

Your Pro Rewards points will expire 12 months from the last time you made a purchase on If you do not shop at least once per 12 months, your points will expire.

Is there a “pending” period for points or a delay in points being awarded?

Yes, your points will have a pending status for three days after you place your order. Once the three day pending period has ended, your points will appear in your account.

Can I earn points for purchases made during a promotional activity and/or sale?

Yes, you will still earn points on sale items. Your points will be awarded based on the total after the discount has been applied, not the original retail value of the item.

How do I redeem points?

To redeem points, visit your Pro Rewards dashboard through your account page. Under the “My Rewards” tab, you will see all rewards that are available to you at your current tier. Click on the reward you wish to redeem to unlock a coupon code. If you do not have enough points for a particular reward, it cannot be clicked. Visit the “History” tab for a record of all your account activity.

You can also redeem a reward at checkout. On the cart page, all eligible rewards will be accessible via a drop-down menu directly in your cart. Select a reward from this menu to redeem points and apply the coupon to your current order. Only one coupon can be used per order.

Can I use my reward with another discount?

No, you cannot. Only one code can be used at checkout, which means you cannot combine your reward with another offer. This includes the code provided to Pro Elite members for their free product reward.

How do membership tiers work?

The Sherrilltree Pro Rewards program is made up of three tiers. As members earn points, they advance from one tier to the next, unlocking additional benefits and rewards. Only points earned from making a purchase or referring a friend qualfiy for a tier upgrade.

What happens if I earn enough points in a single purchase to skip a tier?

If you earn enough points in a single purchase to skip a tier, you will move directly to the Pro Elite status. The bonus rewards associated with the skipped tier will still appear under your rewards on the Pro Rewards dashboard and at checkout.

Does my status within a tier expire?

Yes. To maintain your tier, you must meet the points requirement for that tier each calendar year. Points that roll over from a previous period will not contribute to your tier status.

What happens to my points if I return or cancel an order?

You will not receive your points until your order has shipped. If you cancel an order before it has shipped, this will have no impact on your Pro Rewards account. If you return an order for which you have earned points, the points will be deducted from your account. If you do not have points in your account when the return is received, points accumulated in the future will be deducted.

Where can I access my member details?

Member details such as tier status, points balance, rewards, and activity history can all be found on the Pro Rewards dashboard. Log in to visit the Pro Rewards dashboard through the accounts page.

How Do I Opt-Out Of The Pro Rewards Program?

It is possible to cancel your membership if you no longer wish to participate in Pro Rewards. Once you've logged into your account, navigate to your Pro Rewards Dashboard under your account info. Then, select "Profile" under your name and click "CANCEL MEMBERSHIP."

Is everyone eligible to Participate in The Pro Rewards Program?

Customers with special pricing are not eligible to join Sherrilltree Pro Rewards.

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