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Rigging Rope

Sherrilltree offers tree rigging ropes from Samson Ropes, Yale Cordage, Teufelberger, Notch Equipment, and more so you can find the best rigging rope for the job. There are options whether you want a bull rope or a double braid.

Double braids have become the go-to for large rigging as they have high tensile strengths and offer a variety of energy absorption capabilities. There are also options for more dynamic rigging ropes with double braids, such as Dynasorb II. Many even possess abrasion resistance.

12 Strand rigging ropes are an excellent choice for lighter rigging and work well in natural crotch rigging and are great for tag lines. They are economical as well.

Three strands work great with natural crotch rigging, tag lines, or in a rope puller.

Need a nylon core or a polyester core? You can find an option here, no matter what you prefer for your rigging rope.

What is the Difference Between a Climbing Rope and Rigging Rope?

Climbing ropes and rigging ropes are two ropes used in the tree care industry. What sets each rope apart? What is the difference between a rigging rope and a climbing one? What works well for tree rigging in the rope world?

Both options are super strong and made to carry heavy loads. They work well for lowering and raising climbers and lines up and down a tree from a strong limb or a trunk. There are many benefits to both, and they are ropes with high strength that the manufacturer forms as hardware for the tree industry.

Specific fibers make up the core of each rope. Rigging rope has a minimal stretch to handle the weight, while the climbing rope does not have as much stretch. Rigging lines provide a little more bounce in case of a fall, while the core of a climbing rope helps progress happen faster.

There is also a difference in the type of rope, from a bull rope to a double braid. You will need to determine what you need before investing to find the best choice for your money. There are many choices available.

Our Rigging Rope Recommendations

We have plenty of rigging rope recommendations from various manufacturers. No matter the thickness you need, there is something here that will work for you. There are double braid options, bull rope choices, and other rigging lines.

We recommend the choices listed below for all your rigging rope needs. Whether you need a braid rigging rope or a plex rope, we have something for you. Below are some of the best products for all things rigging.