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When it comes to being an arborist, tree climbing boots are a big part of your day. They're a pair of specialized work boots that need to provide support, as well as chainsaw protection. But what exactly should you look for in a work boot? If you're looking for a new pair of tree climbing boots, look no further. We're covering everything you need to know so that your feet are comfortable, and that they're given the utmost protection.

What's in a Pair of Chainsaw Boots?

A lot, actually! When you're picking your next pair of tree climbing boots, also called chainsaw boots, there are a number of things to consider. Apart from size and comfort, you have to think about the way that boots are constructed, and what kind of conditions they'll be good for. Most people will be using these for light duty, but durability and all day comfort still matter.

It's important to remember that tree climbing boots are different from hiking boots. These are a specific kind of work boot, designed to be a climbing boot and just that. They have a different construction from any other footwear, allowing them to stay comfortable while climbing. They also provide a large amount of safety. Check out some of the things to consider below!

Maximum Comfort

These boots are going to be on your feet for long periods of time. What's more is that the boots will be used actively for most of the time that they're worn. As such, you have to choose a climbing boot that's comfortable. Some boots have a Vibram outsole, which is great for comfort. You can find these kinds of soles on other popular boots that require a lot of activity. A Vibram sole is active, and provides tons of support. Other heels may be made from traditional rubber, as well.

It's important to note that most of these boots have a lower heel. A lower heel on these boots helps keep the footwear comfortable for long periods of time.


Durability is key when choosing a pair of tree climbing boots. At the very least, chainsaw boots need to be abrasion resistant. This means that many traditional boots are made from leather, as it provides some safety. However, some of the best tree climbing boots take it a step further, being made of synthetic materials that are much harder to destroy.

Additionally, many high quality boots incorporate a waterproof membrane. This allows you to stay dry, no matter what happens while you're in the tree. However, sometimes that's not the best thing, either. A waterproof membrane means that water can't get in, and it can't get out. In hot weather, you may need a breathable material. This material won't make the boot less durable, though.

Steel or Composite Toe

This really comes down to the weight of the boot itself. In more recent years, there has been a trend towards a composite toe because of the weight factor. A lightweight boot is going to feel better when worn all day long when compared to a heavy boot. Composite toes are the lightest option you'll find. This can make a world of difference in your tree climbing boots.


Different soles provide different traction. This is a big deal when it comes to wet weather. If your boot doesn't have the sole to keep traction, you'll keep finding your way to the ground. When you're looking to climb, you have to be able to make your way up the tree. This is a spot where you might have to make a compromise. The sole material you like best may not have the traction the job requires. While gaffs can make this a non-issue, it may not be possible to use them all the time.

Getting the Best Tree Climbing Boot on the Market

When you're looking for the best tree climbing boot for your needs, you'll want a pair of shoes that you can trust. Here at Sherrilltree, we carry the products that we believe in. No matter what brand you choose from in our store, our entire range is selected for performance and durability.

As always, if you have anymore questions regarding tree climbing boots or other forms of chainsaw protection, reach out. We enjoy helping every customer that approaches us with their needs.