Root Barriers

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As an arborist, you probably already appreciate the trees that you work with. They're beautiful, and they provide so much to the world. Mature trees provide shade, and some provide fruit. A big part of the job of an arborist has to do with tree health. However, it also has to do with the way the trees interact with the nearby structures.

One of the things that people have to be aware of with large trees are tree roots. Root growth from existing trees can actually cause serious damage. That's why we have root barriers.

A tree root barrier is the best way of preventing costly root damage to structures near the trees. If you're looking more information about tree root barriers, look no further. We have plenty of information to help you choose your next root barrier!

What is a Tree Root Barrier?

Tree root barriers are a tool that an arborist can use to redirect tree roots when need be. Sometimes, the root system of a tree begins to encroach upon something that it may be able to damage. In the event that a tree has too many roots, or offending roots, these can be used to prevent further issues.

So what is a barrier? These barriers are patented mechanical guides that redirect the way that tree roots grow. The root barrier influences the root system to grow down. This helps provide maximum hardscape protection, as the roots can no longer reach towards the structures themselves.

Barriers can be installed in one of two ways. There are circular barriers and linear barriers. As the names imply, each holds a different shape. A linear barrier is a linear application. That means each wall is a straight line. The circular barrier is a circle, where the tree stands at its center.

When Do Tree Roots Need a Barrier?

In most cases, tree root barriers are installed around a tree at one of two times in a tree's life. The most common time you'll see them used is during the planting of trees. This tells the tree what its available rooting space is during the immediate root growth that occurs after planting. This helps to prevent roots from growing where they shouldn't.

Tree root barriers are also installed during root pruning applications. When tree roots become problematic, it's possible for root pruning to take place. An arborist can cut roots that are non-essential, and leave large roots that the tree needs to thrive. Digging a trench takes place around the area that the roots were cut. The barrier is then installed at an according depth, and the soil is replaced.

We Have the Tree Root Barriers That You Need

If you're looking for tree root barriers, or other equipment, we have what you need. Tree roots are what gives the tree life, and we know how important they are to take care of. We're here to help you with any of your root pruning needs, and we carry a number of barriers to help you with your tree work. Feel free to reach out with any questions you may have!