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The 3-Strand rope is a classic and still provides an economic option for tree rigging. The 3-strand ropes are great when rigging through a natural crotch or trunk wrapping and provides the user with high abrasion resistance and moderate tensile strength where elongation from loads is not a worry. It's the most durable anchor line with a high average tensile strength for dock lines.

The Samson 1/2" Tree Master is still one of the most popular 3-strand tree rigging ropes and works well for light to moderate rigging. Climbers can make the most out of the low stretch with this variety.

Whether you need a tree rigging rope for moderate to light rigging or a simple tag line, Sherrilltree offers 3 Strand bull ropes from Samson and Teufelberger. Let's talk more about 3-strand nylon rope and how the braided material can help you climb.

Why Invest in 3-Strand Rope?

There are plenty of choices with an above-average tensile strength on the market - why invest in 3-strand ropes for your climbing needs? There are several reasons why this quality braid of fibers makes for excellent use.

For one, 3-strand nylon rope is incredibly strong. The braiding of the strands, twisted into layers, makes for a powerful tie that delivers in the climbing environment.

The price of 3-strand rope is a little higher than other varieties, but that's for good reason. We'll talk about the strength that comes with this type next.

How Strong is 3-Strand Rope?

We've talked about how strong 3-strand rope is - but what does that mean? How strong could it possibly be?

One of the most popular choices for this rope is the 3-strand twisted variety. This type can hold quite a bit, but it can't take as much as the second option - 3-strand braided rope.

The braided kind will deliver on strength when put to the test. Three strands of solid construction braided together are also easier to bend into whatever you might need, allowing them to be spliced and utilized in any project you might want to take on in your life.

The 3-strand piece is thick, but it can handle more than typical ropes. If you're looking for something that has abrasion resistance, durability, and strength, look for a 3-strand. It will deliver in ways that other ropes cannot.

Our Picks for 3 Strand Rope

Let's talk about our favorite choices for 3-strand material. There are varieties manufactured every day of the 3-strand twisted cords, and each serves a different purpose. You will find versatile options with varying features for all your needs.

It can be overwhelming to process all the three strands, materials, and their properties, so we made a list of our favorites. No matter what category of 3-strand you want for splicing, there is something here for you.