Tech and Accessory Cordage

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Find the tech and accessory cordage to make your climbing prusiks and rigging slings. Sherrilltree offers a wide selection of climbing cordage, tech cordage, and arborist accessory cordage from Samson Ropes, Yale Cordage, Teufelberger, Notch Equipment, Sterling Ropes, and more. Whether you are looking for your next friction hitch or a sling with your Portawrap, we can help you find what you need.

If you are looking to do your splicing, check out the rope splicing tools offered at Sherrilltree. The Notch Wrap Star works well for prusik knots. The Samson Twin Carrier is excellent for rigging slings for climbing ropes.

There are many excellent accessory cord options for applications limited without them. Whether you're on the hunt for a nylon core accessory cord or something with a nylon sheath, we can help you. Many brands provide accessories that work well for many climbing purposes outdoors. Examine all the features to find one that will work for you. 

Why Invest in an Accessory Cord?

An accessory cord is a useful tool to set up anchors. It's more compact than traditional webbing when it hangs on a harness. An accessory cord works to make the setup process much easier.

Invest in an accessory cord to improve the quality of your climb. It can prove helpful in a multitude of circumstances.

Our Recommendations for Accessory Cords

These are our accessory cord recommendations for climbers and their climbing ropes. These have excellent reviews and come in a multitude of color options and sizes. The perfect accessory cords for you could be below.

Read on to learn more about our accessory cord choices. You can apply any of these to your climbing adventure for the easy creation of climbing prusik knots and rigging slings.