Arborist Hand Saws

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When looking at hand saws, the finer tooth blades are great for ornamental pruning and smaller delicate branches. Medium to large teeth provide more cutting power and work well while in the canopy on larger pruning jobs. The Silky ZUBAT is the number one choice for experienced arborists and provides top of the line cutting power.

Pole saws provide extended reach from the ground and can make quick work of making those much needed pruning cuts without leaving the ground. The Notch Equipment Sentei Aluminum Telescoping Pole saw is a great choice and features a Silky Hayauchi Blade and is available in 16' or 21' models.

Pruners are another great tool and we offer a large selection from Fred Marvin, Jameson, Corona, as well as replacement parts. The Marvin Bull Pruner is a top choice among tree professionals and the smaller Marvin Pruner is equally as impressive. When selecting a pruner keep in mind what size branches you will encounter and plan accordingly.

Why Use Hand Saws For Trees?

Whether you have a straight or curved blade, a carbon steel hand saw works well for trees. You can climb high up with a hand saw at your side. The sharp teeth work well to slice through smaller tree trunks and other thin pieces of wood.

Longer blade lengths, with the blade locked, are ideal for cutting trees. You can bring a super sharp blade to the top with manual hand saws, as they don't weigh too much. Hand saws are just the thing for projects high up that need a little work.

Hand saws are one of the best tools for trees and tree branches. Whether you need to prune or trim, a hand saw is for you. Check out some of our options for your next project.