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Climbing Rope Chart (PDF)

Rigging Rope Chart (PDF)

An arborist's climbing ropes are their lifeline. Rigging ropes and climbing ropes that are made for arborists are specialized, like much of the climbing gear you'll find in our store. Tree climbing ropes are our specialty. We stock arborist climbing ropes that can keep you safe, and keep you climbing all day long.

Understanding Tree Climbing Ropes

Tree climbing ropes, also known as arborist ropes, are unique. They're built to fill the specific needs that an arborist has. Without the right rigging rope and climbing line, climbing trees and doing tree work would be safe. As all arborists know, safety is key.

Low Stretch

Something that's important to realize about tree climbing rope is that it has to be low stretch. Picking up rock climbing rope because it seems more economical is a huge mistake. To keep an arborist secure, their rope has to be low stretch, because it prevents them from moving too much while on the line.

Supple and Pliable

Arborist rope is low stretch, but it's nowhere near firm. The best rope that an arborist can buy allows knots to be tied, even though they are low stretch. Another form of low stretch rope that just won't work for arborists is caving rope. Rope for caves is too stiff to work with, and it doesn't allow the specialty knots that arborists use to be tied.


Arborist ropes are made from a variety of materials, but most commonly you'll find them made from a blend of them. Many arborist ropes are woven on the outside with a nylon core. This includes the breaking strength of the line, and keeps things in place. High strength rope is a must when arborists are working with large materials.

Weave is also big think to take note of, and another part of construction. At a minimum, ropes of a 16-strand construction should be used. There is a large risk in using 12-strand rope, as it is too thin, and it cannot be gripped. Additionally, one of the standards in the industry is 24-strand climbing rope. It's considered the best all-around rope for an arborist.

Get Your Arborist Ropes at Sherrilltree

When we carry a product, we believe in it. When it comes to arborist climbing gear, we know what we're talking about. If you're looking for ropes, or other climbing equipment, we've got you covered. We stand by the ropes and the hardware that we sell, and we believe that safety is number one. If you can't decide on the tools your endeavors may need, feel free to reach out! We're always here to answer any questions you might have.