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Climbing Rope Chart (PDF)

Rigging Rope Chart (PDF)

As an arborist, your climbing ropes are your lifeline, and at Sherrilltree, we understand their vital importance. Our store specializes in offering top-quality arborist climbing ropes that are designed to keep you safe and ensure you can climb all day long. Let's delve into what makes these tree climbing ropes unique and essential for your profession.

Understanding Tree Climbing Ropes

Arborist ropes, also known as tree climbing ropes, are meticulously crafted to meet the specific needs of arborists. Safety is paramount in tree work, and having the right rigging and climbing ropes is fundamental to achieving that safety.

Low stretch for stability

One critical characteristic of tree climbing rope is its low stretch capacity. Opting for rock climbing rope may seem economical, but it's a significant mistake. Arborists require low stretch ropes because they minimize excessive movement while on the line, providing the stability needed for safe and controlled climbing.

Supple and Pliable for Versatility

While arborist ropes are low stretch, they are far from rigid. The best arborist ropes allow for the tying of knots, even though they have low stretch properties. Avoid using caving rope, which is too stiff and doesn't accommodate the specialized knots arborists rely on.

Construction Matters

Arborist ropes are typically made from a blend of materials, often featuring a nylon core with a woven outer layer. This construction enhances the rope's breaking strength and durability, crucial when working with large materials. Pay attention to the weave as well; a 16-strand construction is a minimum requirement. For top-notch performance, consider the industry-standard 24-strand climbing rope, known as the best all-around choice for arborists.

Get Your Arborist Ropes at Sherrilltree

At Sherrilltree, we take pride in the products we offer. When it comes to arborist climbing gear, we're experts who understand your needs. Whether you're in search of ropes or other climbing equipment, we've got you covered. We stand firmly behind the ropes and hardware we sell because safety is our top priority. If you're uncertain about which tools are best suited for your specific needs, don't hesitate to reach out. We're always here to answer your questions and provide expert guidance.