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Tree rigging is hard work and Sherrilltree carries the tools you need to make tree rigging more efficient and safer. When rigging pieces out of a tree, it should be done in a controlled manner so the crew is safe and you protect the surrounding property.

One of the most common rigging kits is one that contains a rigging rope, impact block and sling, and a lowering device such as the portawrap. Just by using these tools, you can efficiently and safely rig pieces out.

The Tree Rigging Gear You'll Need

Tree climbing gear is a big part of any arborist's life. To be able to dismantle trees safely, you'll need a basic rigging system that you can set up quickly. Every rigging kit will be different, depending on the job, but here's the rundown on some of the most common pieces you'll need.

Rigging Ropes

Much of tree work comes down to having the right ropes and knots available to you. Different jobs will require a wide selection of ropes, depending on what work needs to be done. Professional arborists will need excellent rope for their rigging applications that can support heavy loads. Trees aren't light, after all.

Rigging Blocks

Arborist rigging blocks are specially designed to sustain shock loading. This is the moment that the tree goes into a momentary free-fall. Safety comes first, and these blocks don't break under pressure. They have wide cheek plates to protect rope, as well as an upper sheave to attach a rigging sling.

Rigging Slings

The rigging sling is the length of rope that's attached or wrapped around the part of the tree being lowered. There are a number of popular slings made for arborists. These include the endless loop sling, the dead eye sling, the whoopie sling, and the loopie sling. Of the 4, the most popular are the whoopie slings and the dead eye slings.

Tree Gear of All Kinds

We carry a full line of tree rigging ropes, rigging blocks, tree rigging slings, lowering devices, and more. From tree pruning to full tree removal, find all the tree rigging gear you need from top brands like ISC, Rock Exotica, DMM, CMI, Notch Equipment, and more at Sherrilltree.