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Arborist Clothing

For professional arborists, tree climbing requires the utmost attention to tree climbing gear. Every tree is different, so pieces needs to be versatile and comfortable to wear as clothing. Tree climbers and tree workers often work outdoors in extreme conditions-so two layers for warmth during the cold, but breathable for sweat-wicking during the heat is critical to any arborist.

It can be tricky to figure out the necessities for arborist clothing. Let's discuss shirts, pants, and more than a customer who works in a tree needs to add to their wardrobe. There are several basics everyone should have on hand at all times.

Tree Climbing

Climbers know that clothes worn take a beating, so things like heavy-duty nylon webbing are a must. Wearing clothing and gear shouldn't "wear" you-it should free you to focus on the task ahead. Tree climbing can be dangerous, so climbers need the best pieces from the best brands they can count on for excellent quality.

These new products work to fill your climbing needs with protection. Shirts, pants, and gloves are all a must in a tree. They will keep every limb protected from the elements and keep climbers free from heavy layers.

Climbing Pants

Tree climbing can be physically demanding, so breathable and flexible canopy pants can often be the difference between an amazing or a terrible experience. Our company tree climbing pants offer high abrasion resistance while being breathable enough to blur the line between gear and clothing.

No matter what date a climber works, working in a tree is physically demanding. A good pair of pants will make the process easier, rather than harder. Gone are the days when bulky bottoms are the clothing item of choice for professionals.

Our company pants provide plenty of options for arborists. Whether you're a customer that likes something simple or one who prefers pants with layers, there's something here for you.

Chainsaw Boots and Hard Hats

Chainsaw boots are a vital piece of gear for the arborist tree climbing with a chainsaw. Chainsaw boots are essentially tree climbing boots that offer cut resistance in case of an accident. Every arborist should invest in proper clothing: a quality pair of chainsaw boots, abrasion-resistant gloves, and breathable pants to ensure comfort and support.

If you get into a tough situation and drop a chainsaw, there is only so much that gloves and good shirts will do. Chainsaw boots allow a unique form of protection for feet, putting a little distance between them and potential contact with the blade of a chainsaw.

A hard hat should also be worn to defend the head from falling branches and other items. The brain is a critical portion of the human body, and it should receive defense at all times.

In a tree, it's critical to feel safe enough to feel free to perform work. A solid pair of chainsaw boots will provide that for any arborist, leaving them confident enough to do what needs to get done.

Climbing Shirts

A good climbing shirt works just like climbing pants. Arborists need protection from the sun and branches and sharp objects. A climbing shirt accomplishes this protection.

Outer layers can go on top of a climbing shirt for additional defense. They should be lightweight and moisture-wicking to keep the arborist comfortable.

Our Favorite Products

Here are a few shirts, pants, and shoes that we would recommend to a customer. All will work well to protect you from a tree, no matter what your work requires. Select the essentials of arborist clothing for the best experience.

Arborists must select outfits that will allow them to be as comfortable as possible in a tree. This task is not an easy one.