Line Setting

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Throw weights are one part of the line setting system and range from 6 oz. to 16 oz. Notch Throw Weights are a favorite among climbers with their unique patterns that make them easy to spot in the canopy, Cordura construction, and their Lifetime Warranty.

Throwlines are available in different materials and diameters. Thinner lines fly better and have less friction on branches helping them run better. Some lines feature a wax coating to prolong their service life. Dyneema is very popular with throwlines and Samson's Zing-It, Dynaglide by Teufelberger, and Notch's Acculine are made from Dyneema.

Storage is important to keep everything organized and tangle free. Cubes are the most popular choice and the Falteimer and Notch cubes are among the most favorite.

Check out the Big Shot or the air powered DTX Shoulder Shot to help you reach even higher in the canopy and improve accuracy.