Hearing Protection

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Hearing protection is often overlooked, but necessary to protect your long-term hearing. Sherrilltree offers a large selection of hearing protection from KASK, 3M, Protos, and more. Whether you are looking for ear muffs to attach to your helmet, or simple earplugs, find the hearing protection you need. Sherrilltree also offers muff hygiene kits to keep your ear muffs clean and ready.

The noise reduction rating on a set of muffs is critical, and we offer several noise reduction ear muffs to fit your need. It's vital to stay safe when loud sounds impact your ear canal. Don't take ear protection for granted if you are often around loud noise. Hearing loss from unwanted noise is never ideal.

Whether you're interested in earmuff style hearing protection or foam earplugs, we protect you from even the loudest power tools. With these products, you can defend your ear canals and experience maximum comfort in noisy environments. Protect your hearing with the best of the best hearing protection earmuffs on the market.

Should You Be Wearing Hearing Protection?

For many, noise reduction can seem like a pain. Why would you bother to add hearing protection if you can handle the noise? After all, it might be easier to keep your ear canal exposed while working to keep track of everything happening around you.

Unwanted noise higher than a certain decibel can result in hearing loss before you realize it. If your job requires you to be around power tools, you need noise reduction ear muffs to keep loud sounds under control. A solid pair of ear muffs, including some with Bluetooth headphones with an excellent noise reduction rating, will do the trick.

In most areas, there is a recommended decibel level that, if higher, you should have the best hearing protection possible. In most jurisdictions, this will be about 85 decibels. Ensure you research the recommendations in your area before working.

A quality pair of noise-reduction ear muffs will make your job less painful. You want something that can defend against loud noises, loud music, and more. For convenience, we offer Bluetooth hearing protection earmuffs as well as standard foam earplugs.

Our Top Noise Reduction Ear Muffs Recommendations

Below, we've listed our favorite choice for noise reduction ear muffs. Your work ear muffs should be equipped with technology to withstand noise reduction even when operating heavy machinery. These have competitive sound quality.

No matter how many decibels you are dealing with, take your ear canals into account. As you get older, the damage to your ears will only increase. Take the opportunity to provide quality ear protection now. Below are our best offerings for ear muffs. Examine these options to find the ideal noise reduction ear pieces for your life.