Gear Storage

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Proper climbing gear storage is a must, not only for keeping rope and other climbing gear organized, but also to help prolong its service life by keeping it protected. Tree climbing ropes, tree saddles, and all our other climbing equipment are important tools, and taking care of them is an important aspect of their functionality and lifespan. Keep your climbing shoes, belay device, and other equipment safely organized with climbing gear storage that won't cost you a fortune. Find rope and gear storage solutions from brands like Notch Equipment, DMM, Petzl, CAMP, Teufelberger, and more at Sherrilltree.

Don't Climb Over Your Climbing Gear

Climbing gear storage is important not just for the climbing trip-or climbing "trips," for the exceedingly adventurous--but also for accurately organizing gear and equipment in your room, closet, garage, car, on your wall, shelves-wherever you store your gear when you don't have an organized storage solution. What if you could organize almost everything for easy access, yet out of sight?

Most of us don't have a gear room, much less the wall space with enough shelves to organize everything we need as climbers. How you store gear at home is usually reflective of your gear storage on site at climbing areas, too.

Good climbing gear storage can be amazing for keeping your head space organized, too. Instead of wondering if you have enough gear, or the right climbing gear, let your equipment do the work for you, like your climbing ropes during a belay.