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Outdoor clothing has to be tough. The pants that you wear for doing arborist work are no different. You need climbing pants that offer durability under worn chainsaw protection, as well as comfort, of course. If you're looking for the pants that professional arborists wear, look no further! We've got the right pair of pants for year-round tree work, with new products being added as they're developed.

Picking a Pair of Tree Climbing Pants

When it comes to your pants, you need something that's soft enough to provide comfort, but durable enough to withstand being worn under chainsaw protection. With entries like the Spider Climbing Pants from Clogger, you get everything you need.

Unlike chainsaw pants or trousers, climbing pants aren't meant to be a piece of PPE. Rather, they're lighter, like regular clothes, and are meant to be a base layer. They fill the layer between you and the protective equipment you're wearing. Many are made from lightweight, breathable fabrics, like nylon and cotton. They fit perfectly over boots, and under chaps. Ultimately, they're comfortable, and they bring a new level of that comfort to tree work.

Get Your Arborist Pants From Sherrilltree

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