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Throw lines are available in different materials and diameters, with thinner diameters more popular. Smaller lines fly better and provide less friction on tree branches helping them return your throw weight to the ground easier. Some lines feature a wax coating to help prolong their service life. Dyneema has become very popular with throwlines, and Samson's Zing-ItDynaglide by Teufelberger, and Notch's Acculine are all made from Dyneema and are the most popular choices.

If looking for an economic solution, the Notch Neon Throwline is a great option and is a great backup when you find your go-to throwline is stuck. The Notch Starter Throwline kit provides everything you will need as a beginner, all inside a throw line cube.

To set your climbing line and rigging line, a throw line is a necessity. The best will get over the tree in only a few throws, making it easy to target the branch you want to grip to. Our choices, whether you're looking for a throw line bag or a slick line, will give you everything you need.

How Do You Use a Throw Line?

Let's say you have a throw line, and you're ready to use it. How do you hold and utilize the throw line without getting everything tangled up in one big mess? Throw lines are manufactured to make the throwing process simple to understand.

The first method is the granny toss. Take the slippery rope and weight and toss it under your legs like a pendulum. This method is ideal for accuracy and works for those who don't have a ton of upper arm strength to work with daily.

You can also utilize your dominant hand if you are confident in aiming with a single arm. It takes more arm strength to do this one. You can either pitch it overhand, toss it underhand, or utilize a pendulum motion to get the weight and line over.

Lastly, you can use a trigger shot. The weight and line start on the ground, and a trigger grasp helps the weight soar through the air.

It's critical to select the method that will give you the most confidence in your throw. With practice, you can get better and better at putting the throw line right where you need it, every single time.

Why Use a Throw Line?

A throw line is ideal because it allows a climber to set the rigging line. There's no need to climb ahead of time, you've already got the weight up in the air.

The weight goes over the tree attached to the line. Once over, the line lowers, and the climber can attach the climbing line safely.

A throw line is a game-changer when it comes to climbing. It saves a lot of hassle and lets everything happen faster.

If you desire a more efficient climb, a throw line should work. Get a line, storage until to keep the line inside, and anything else you need to have the best climbing experience possible.

Our Recommendations for Throw Lines

There are many excellent throw lines and accessories on the market today. The ones listed below are our top picks, sure to give you the best experience.

Read on to learn more about each throw line choice. You will find one that fits perfectly into your established climbing kit.