Planting and Staking

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Tree Support

Sometimes, tree supports are necessary for the health of your trees. Tree stakes are an excellent way to go, as they can perform a range of duties and provide many benefits that improve the ways your plant can grow. There are also options to drive away pests and prevent the chance for rot to invade your tree.

ArborTie Staking and Guying Material is an excellent way to prepare your tree for the natural world to develop. Bug Barrier Tree Band helps trap insects, keeping them away from the trunk and reducing the potential for damage. The Duckbill Drive Rod is designed, like other materials, to support the tree with a stake.

Whether you want to utilize ties or other efficient tools to help your tree access proper nutrients and stability, something is here for your tree. We have many excellent tree support tools and services to support your greenery. Videos online can give details you need to see how to use each tree support system.

Do I Need Tree Supports?

Tree supports are a beneficial addition anyone can use for their tree.

Young trees work well with support, as their trunks are thinner and more vulnerable to the wind and things in the air. A thicker tree growing the wrong way or a plant with shallow roots may benefit. The idea is to provide the tree with a defense against the items up against it.

It's critical to perform the support process correctly. Tree support done wrong can cause more harm than good, especially with younger trees. Select the support system that will work best for your plants and follow the instructions to help, rather than hinder, your tree.

Our Tree Support Recommendations

There are many excellent tree support options on the market, whether you are on the hunt for a stake to put in the ground or a wrap to place around the trunk of your developing tree. We think these options stand out as some of the best for the plant in your yard.

Read on to learn more about our top picks for tree support in an outdoor setting. With any luck, you can find the ideal tree support to help your plant grow into the best it can be. We offer many choices to help you find the best support for your plants.