Saddles and Harnesses

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A high-quality tree climbing harness is truly invaluable. However, it's essential to recognize that a tree climbing harness is just one component of your climbing setup, and its suitability varies depending on the nature of your climbing task. While rock climbing harnesses may benefit from having more gear loops for agility, tree climbing saddles prioritize enhanced comfort for extended periods of suspension.

Tree Climbing Gear Selection

Whether you're a newcomer to the industry or a seasoned professional, always take your climbing style and system into account when choosing a tree climbing harness. Prioritizing risk reduction and ensuring safety are paramount for maintaining consistency and achieving excellence in your climbing endeavors. Gear compatibility plays a vital role, especially in tree climbing, so it's crucial to verify whether your existing equipment or the gear you're considering will integrate seamlessly with your chosen harness.

Tree Climbing Harness Options

Traditional or basic tree climbing harnesses, typically crafted from materials like cotton or leather, can offer a cost-effective solution while providing comprehensive body support and exceptional comfort. In contrast, modern tree climbing harnesses offer additional customization options such as gear loops, a double rope bridge, and premium shoulder straps. Many of these harnesses feature cooler and lighter materials and may even include an adjustable and replaceable rope bridge.

Sherrilltree boasts a diverse selection of tree climbing harnesses and saddles from renowned brands, including the Sherrilltree EDGE II, Teufelberger treeMotion, Sherrilltree PUMA by Buckingham, Petzl Sequoia, Notch Sentinel, and numerous other models. Each tree climbing harness is uniquely designed to cater to different styles and approaches, all aimed at helping you perform your job effectively and safely.