Green Log Weight Charts & Calculator

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Whether rigging with a crane, from an aerial lift, or rigging in the tree, knowing the weight that you are subjecting the tree and your gear to is important data to have. Feel free to reference this chart, and if you do not already have a copy of the ANSI Z133-2017, pick up a copy which contains a Green Log Weight Chart in Appendix E, as well as all necessary safety standards for arboriculture.

Green Log Weight Chart & ANSI Z133-2017

A Green Log Weight Chart is an important tool for anyone on the job, and is a requirement under ANSZ133-2017 Under Section 5.7.12:

"..........A Green Log Weight Chart (as shown in Annex E, Weight Of Green Logs)shall be available to the crew...."

Section 5 of ANSIZ133-2017 is titled "Safe Use Of Vehicles, Mobile, And Towed Equipment Used In Aboriculture," while Section 5.7 deals specifically with "Cranes and Knucklebooms."

Anyone on the job site needs to have access to both the ANSI Z133-2017 and Green Log Weight Chart.

chart of log weights

Formula to Calculate Log Weight Chart by Hand

Estimated Log Weight = A x (A x (B x 0.5454)) / 100 x C

A = Log Diameter in Inches
B = Log Length in Feet
C = Type of Wood Value

Log Weight Chart Calculator

Log Weight Calculator