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Blocks and Pulleys

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Tree rigging blocks and pulleys are a critical part of any tree rigging kit. Selecting the right piece of hardware is vital in making the job safe and efficient. These pieces are responsible for handling the working load limit and providing more power to move objects up and down the tree with wire and rope. Without them, the job might have to wait for a while or become more dangerous for climbers.

Impact blocks are designed and built for negative or top-down rigging where dynamic forces form. There are many options to choose from and different sizes available depending on the need. DMM offers Impact Blocks that are available in three different sizes. The Notch Rigging Block is a popular choice, as are offerings from ISC, CMI, and the very popular Rock Exotica Omni Blocks

Pulleys are not designed for dynamic forces but instead work to assist with lifting and moving objects while the rope is under tension and static. Rigging pulleys work great when used for tree pulling or lifting loads over a structure.

What Are Some Types of Rigging Blocks and Pulleys?

As you select a block system for your climbing job, you will note that there are many different types. Each of these serves a different purpose.

For example, you might have an:

  • Omni block
  • Rapid rig
  • Whoopie sling
  • Pinto pulley

These work in varying ways in a lifting system.

Some are small, while others are large. A few are meant for transporting items sideways high in the air, while others operate best for rigging and rescuing on the job. It's vital to determine what you need blocks pulleys for on the climb and which type would serve you best in that area. The wrong blocks pulleys system might be a waste of money if it can't help when you're up.

The material of the block and pulley also matters. With many options comes the unfortunate chance to invest in a pulley block that isn't made well.

Why Invest in a Rigging Block and Pulley?

Blocks and pulleys are vital parts of any system. As mentioned, they assist with lifting and moving objects rather than handling dynamic forces. It's much better to depend on blocks and pulleys than to leave it up to human strength.

In a climb, blocks and pulleys are also designed to handle situations where the wire rope is released and caught immediately. A quality system can handle the shock without much issue, depending on how good the brand is in the block pulleys world.

Arborist blocks pulleys are the most popular for arbors, but there are plenty of options. Different block pulleys will work well for varying purposes. It's critical to note that a block pulley won't do too well with dynamic forces.

Our Choice for Rigging Blocks and Pulleys

There are many different types of blocks pulleys on the market. With such a wide selection, it can feel impossible to make the best choice for your need. We've taken several enticing options and made it simpler to narrow down the best one.

Read on to learn more about a few ideal blocks pulleys for climbing purposes. These will make the whole thing much easier for the average individual, as a block can take the fall for items that a human being simply cannot. Let's dive into a few of the ideal options if you want to spend money on a block pulley.