Friction Savers

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The Basic Cambium Saver provides a barrier between the tree and rope and is easy to install and remove from the ground. It helps reduce friction on the climbing system, but not as much as the ring and ring friction savers.

Ring and Ring Friction Savers are the most popular friction savers and can be installed and removed from the ground. Ring and ring friction savers can be found in fixed lengths from NotchBuckingham, and CAMP. For more adjustability, Rope Logic offers several options as does Teufelberger. Adjustable ring and ring friction savers work great in the canopy and can also be used as a cinching system while working on a spar.

For the ultimate friction management, the ART Twinline provides multiple configurations for any climbing style and can be installed from the ground. The Teufelberger pulleySaver is another popular option.

A friction saver also improves rope glide and provides a solid anchor point for any climber. For smooth rope work, a friction saver can be your best friend.

Do I Need a Friction Saver?

Some benefits and disadvantages come with friction savers. They're a helpful, adjustable anchor device that provides an excellent barrier between the rope and the tree. Whether you want a ring friction saver or another type, there's no denying this tree gear has its benefits.

When putting the friction saver on, it's critical to remember the small ring first and then the big one. This pattern permits a climber to get the friction saver after the climb.

So - do you need this item? One of the biggest downfalls is that you need to retrieve the product after using it. Many tree climbers have gotten stuck dealing with the aluminum rings after reaching the bottom of the tree. The best way to deal with this is to find an anchoring device accessory that fits in a smooth area of the tree branches. Any spot with knobs can make it impossible to remove the friction saver.

If you are not confident in finding a good place for your friction saver, be ready to spend time getting it down after finishing a climb. With enough practice, you can find the perfect place to help eject friction saver tools in no time at all.

A friction saver is an excellent piece of equipment. They can be tricky to get the hang of, but once you do, it's well worth it. Practice makes perfect in all climbing circumstances.

Our Recommendations for Friction Savers

Many friction savers are on the market, from the novel adjustable anchor device to ring and ring friction savers. These stand out as the best, sure to provide tree climbers with an excellent experience with every climbing line on a tree.

Read on to learn more about each of our picks. Whether you're on the hunt for a ring friction saver or something else, there will be an option that will work for your climbing line needs.