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Saddles and Harnesses

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A good tree climbing harness is worth its weight in gold. However, a tree climbing harness is only one part of your climbing system and differs based on the job. Rock climbing harnesses benefit from more gear loops to stay moving while tree climbing saddles need increased comfort due to your time spent suspended.

Tree Climbing Gear

Whether you are new to the industry or a long time professional, always consider your climbing style and system when looking for a tree climbing harness. Minimizing risk and ensuring safety is the key to consistency and excellence, so your tree climbing harness should reflect that. Gear compatibility is important, especially when it comes to tree climbing, so check that your current gear, or gear you are looking at, will match up well with the saddle.

Tree Climbing Harness

Traditional or basic tree climbing harnesses, often made with cotton or leather, can be economical while offering full body support and maximum comfort. Modern tree climbing harnesses allow for additional customization like gear loops, a double rope bridge, and premium shoulder straps. Many feature materials that are cooler and lighter, and even come with an adjustable and replaceable rope bridge.

Sherrilltree offers many tree climbing harnesses and saddles from all of your favorite brands such as the Sherrilltree EDGE II, Teufelberger treeMotion, Sherrilltree PUMA by Buckingham, Petzl Sequoia, Notch Sentinel, and many other models. All tree climbing harnesses have a different style and approach to helping you get the job done.