Stump Grinding


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Sherrilltree is here to help you keep your stump grinder cutting away safely and efficiently. Our brand is all about great value, low replacement cost, and reliable strength-especially when it comes to your stump grinder's teeth. 

We are proud to offer Green Teeth: our answer to making a good machine great. The Wearsharpâ tooth by Greenteeth features a high quality, ideal teeth design, superior to regular teeth, that allows the tooth to wear to a new edge while cutting. By ensuring the cutting edges are consistent, the lifespan of each tooth is improved-and because the teeth are better equipped to provide reliable strength, their durability is improved as well.

Don't replace your whole machine over a few small items like a missing pocket or stripped bolts. Whether you need a new cutter wheel or ultimate pockets, we carry everything you need to upgrade the regular teeth in your current machine to a Green Teeth set up.

If you haven't purchased one already, don't forget to pick up a Tri-Guard by Notch Equipment, another of our top-quality brands, to keep you and others protected while you are operating.

What Does the Stump Grinding Process Look Like?

Stump grinding teeth come in handy for the stump grinding process. There are many benefits to a sharp set of teeth - note that the sharper the teeth, the better the grinding process.

Once the teeth are inside the machine, the unique process is on display. The stump goes inside the tool, and a blade cuts it into tiny pieces. It will be gone and shredded on the ground.

If you have a stump grinder missing teeth, try one of our products. You don't need to replace the entire machine - find a few teeth that fit inside your tool.