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Not every tree is a healthy tree. Sometimes, tree service experts need to help trees with a weak structure so that they can go on living. That's where tree cabling systems come in. Tree cable installations by a certified arborist can ultimately save trees. These support systems not only preserve the tree, but they can prevent the risk of damage in the structures around it, especially in an urban environment. If you're looking for entire tree cabling systems, or even just parts, we've got everything you need!

Parts of a Tree Cabling System

When it comes to tree cabling systems, there are a few parts that will be necessary in most jobs. These are the tools and pieces that certified arborists use when installing a cable system

  • Cables: Cable comes in a variety of strengths and lengths, depending on the job you're doing. It will be made of metal or synthetic materials.
  • Wire Stops: A wire stop is at the end of a cable, hence the name.
  • J and Eyelags: Hardware that is installed into the tree to allow cabling and support to be attached.
  • Thimbles: Used to reduce abrasion between the cable and the lag itself.
  • Non-Invasive Systems: Complete kits that prevent from puncturing the trunk of the tree, helping to maintain its health in certain scenarios.

Reasons Trees May Need Cabling Systems

Trees need cabling for a number of reasons. The most common reasons are seen frequently, and tree cabling can be done to save the tree and prevent damage. The three reasons a tree cable should be installed are listed below.

  • Large Codominant Stems: Commonly referred to as a v-crotch. Some tree species are more prone to this than others.
  • Overextended Limbs or Weak Branches: When a tree's branches grow away from the tree too much, they tend to become weak. Pruning may help that, but large branches will need cabling due to their weight.
  • Weak Anchor: Trees that lack a proper root system tend to have issues with strength, and cabling a tree can correct falling while roots are growing.

Come to Us For All Your Tree Cable Supplies

Whether you're a professional arborist or a well-informed homeowner, we can provide all of the tree cable supplies you need. We've got a variety of products that will let you get any tree cabling job done. If you've got any questions about what we carry, feel free to reach out! Or, if you're looking to stay up to date on all things arborist, subscribe to our newsletter!