Lowering Devices

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The Portawrap is the go-to lowering device as it is an inexpensive way to provide consistent friction and lessen the wear on the rigging rope. It is easy to use and quick to set up. The Notch Portawrap is a popular choice as are options from Buckingham and Stein.

Need a dual purpose lowering and lifting device, look no further than the GRCS. The GRCS is a system that features both a rigging bollard for those big drops, and a winch that provides lifting power up to a 44:1 ratio.

You can add friction in the canopy which can help spread the dynamic forces throughout the tree making for a more manageable rigging operation. Products like the Notch Triple Thimble, Notch Safebloc, and Notch Rigging Thimbles are all great options for adding friction in the canopy.