Arborist Spotlight John Maksanty

Sherrilltree Team Jul 11th 2019

Sherrilltree recently spoke with the owner of American Lawn & Tree (@americanlawntree on Instagram) John Maksanty, about his love of climbing and how he got into this business.

  • What drew you to this line of work?
  • My first company was more grass and landscape based, we did a little bit of tree work from time to time and I absolutely loved it! I invested in great climbing gear before closing down that company to change professions and unfortunately had to sell that gear to pay bills. I honestly never thought I would get back into tree-work, but deep down inside I always wanted to.
  • What makes your business unique?
  • I keep a small, well trained and well educated crew that focuses on safety, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.
  • What do you love most about this business?
  • I love the change of pace and the variety of work we do on a daily basis. I also love the camaraderie of tree climbers all over the globe.
  • How have you grown your business from idea to where it is now?
  • When I started my company the idea and plan was to eventually do only tree-work. Two years later I have been able to get away from lawn maintenance and landscaping and do what I love! Working with trees!
  • What did you have to overcome to be here now?
  • Almost two years ago, not long after I started American Lawn & Tree, I had a freak tree climbing accident resulting in a broken back and two broken heels. I’m blessed to be here climbing trees again and doing what I love with only minor pain. My company is continually growing and has come so far since I started.
  • What are your goals for this business?
  • My goal is to be the go-to tree company in my area.
  • What inspires you?
  • Looking back and seeing how far I have come truly inspires me. It inspires me to keep pushing, working hard and always keep my head up.
  • What is the best number to have on a crew?
  • The best number of crew members to have is 3-4, everyone stays busy and efficient.
  • What is your favorite climbing system?
  • We primarily climb SRS, it’s safe and efficient for the trees we climb in our area.
  • What is your go-to rope for climbing and for rigging?
  • Teufelberger Xstatic for climbing, I like how it handles and feels. Samson Stable Braid in different diameters because its strong, tough, and has great knot-ability.
  • Is there a type of tree you love to climb and one you hate to climb?
  • I love climbing Red and White Oak trees because of their strength and size. I despise Hickory trees due to their hardness and stiffness, they’re very difficult to spike and their hinge wood is extremely strong!
  • Thanks, John, for taking the time to talk to us! We love following you @americanlawntree to see your daily adventures on Instagram!