Hobbs "H2" Lowering & Lifting Device


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Hobbs "H2" Lowering & Lifting Device The First, Original and Authentic Lowering Device

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Hobbs "H2" Lowering & Lifting Device The First, Original and Authentic Lowering Device


Hobbs "H2" Lowering & Lifting DeviceThe First, Original and Authentic Lowering Device Since 1980The H-2 Is rated for use with arborist lowering lines from ½ to ¾ inch in diameter. Featuring solid mounting, smooth and precise rope control, as well as increased lifting and pulling capacities, the H-2 is designed to perform on the job, on demand, every day for years to come. First invented by Ed Hobbs in 1980, the Hobbs Lowering Device has been improved and extensively re-designed by Ken Johnson. The H-2 is the end-result of years of experience gained in the field world-wide under extreme rigging conditions.CAPSTAN SPOOL FEATURES - The reconfigured capstan spool is cast from A-356 aluminum and T-6 hardened. With a ¾ inch thick wall structure, the H-2 capstan spool is designed for high impact loading, wear resistance and heat dissipation. Massive, maintenance-free oil-impregnated bushings support the front and rear of the spool, which rotates on a 1-1/2-inch solid steel shaft.LIFTING FEATURES - Inserting the patented winch bar through the nose of the H-2 to rotate the capstan spool employs the same principals as a come-a-long. The design is simple, reliable and capable of impressive pulling and lifting power. The 16:1 mechanical advantage can develop over 3,000 lbs. of pulling force and is rated to lift up to 1,000 lbs. Being able to remove unwanted rope slack, as well as lifting limbs and performing other pulling and lifting tasks, increases the versatility of the H-2.FRAME FEATURES AND RATINGS (working load limits WLL) - The unique, angled frame may be mounted in 3 separate configurations to suit the rigging task.Standard Mounting – Suitable for most removal applications. 3 mounting spikes cut aggressively into the tree as the strap is tightened for increased holding strength.                 2,000 lbs. WLL. Medium to Heavy rigging.Preservation Mounting – For maintenance pruning when large limbs are removed and the tree is preserved. A hinged guard presents mounting spike insertion and a hinged heavy-duty rubber pad provides additional protection. 1,000 lbs. WLL. Light to Medium rigging. Cut-in Mounting – When maximum mounting strength is needed during high-impact loading (e.g. butt hitch trunk wood): a notch is cut into the tree and the top frame plate is placed beneath it. 3,000 lbs. WLL. Heavy to High Impact rigging.OTHER FEATURES – A replaceable fairlead hook bolted to the frame “captures” the rope, giving the rope handler a wider arc of movement than earlier Hobbs designs. An entry hook welded to the top of the frame guides the lowering line into proper alignment with the capstan spool. Side hooks permit secure tie-off off of the lowering line under load when desired. The H-2 comes complete with a 4-inch x 17 foot mounting strap (20,000 tensile strength), patented winch bar, and permanent detailed graphic labels explaining proper usage, load ratings and operational warnings. The H-2 weighs 58 pounds.
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