How To Use The NAJA Friction Saver

Petzl Apr 26th 2023

The NAJA is a friction saver for tree care that is easily retrievable from the ground, with an integrated pulley and a strap with different adjustment positions. Check out these videos from Petzl on how to use it in SRS and MRS set ups.

How to Use the NAJA in a Moving Rope System

How to Use the NAJA in a Stationary Rope System

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Designed for tree care, the NAJA friction saver allows the work rope to be set up without damaging the tree. The strap has four different adjustment positions to adapt to different branch diameters. Rope ascents and movement in the tree are optimized, thanks to the high-efficiency pulley which facilitates rope glide at the anchor. The included retrieval ball makes the system easily retrievable from the ground.