Rope Logic's Steel Adjustable Friction Saver 2-6ft


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Great for use on small to large branches or on the spar. Comes with retrieval ball.

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Great for use on small to large branches or on the spar. Comes with retrieval ball.


Thanks to encouragement from Atlanta-based arborist Mark Adams, SherrillTree is proud to present a popular variation to friction management that most simply refer to by its acronym, AFS. This one-size-fits-all, rope-friendly device can be set from the ground or within the crown. It’ll go around branches as small as your wrist up to tree trunks as large as the circumference of the entire device to be used as an anchor position for any type of climbing line. Once the climb is complete, simply tie an overhand knot in the end of your rope and reel in the entire system! Note: Connecting throwline to overhand knot will retrieve the AFS in a controlled manner.

Friction management is not just for high-end tree service companies any more, but they’re the ones who’ve embraced the tool for reasons of safety and production. Climbers with Downey Tree Service, for example, weren’t especially thrilled with the directive to utilize an AFS on every take-down, but once they realized how much safer, easier, and more comfortable the exhausting exercise became, objections subsided! Rope runs smoother, stays cleaner, and doesn’t abrade when threaded through an adjustable friction saver. Hand-spliced by the best in the business. SherrillTree utilizes high-tenacity polyester cordage and Italian-made aluminum and steel rings to provide maximum strength and safety for thousands of moves to come.

Adjustable 10' Friction Saver Adjusts From 3' to 10'

Scannable enabled for track and trace capability

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