Samson TreePro Red Rope 13mm


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1/2" Samson TreePro Red Rope, Solid Braid rope

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1/2" Samson TreePro Red Rope, Solid Braid rope


If quick identification of critical lines in the tree is important to you and dull colors are not what you;re looking for, then you have another good reason to try TreePro Red. Beyond its distinctive blood-red color, TreePro Red responds as well, or better, than anything in its class. TreePro RedSHERRILLtree tight knit, 12-strand braid construction has excellent knot holding characteristics and will not stiffen up during use. Made of 100% polyester, TreePro Red has excellent heat tolerance (480 degree melting point), as well as impressive shock-load ratings. This product offers one of the highest levels of performance in a 12-strand braid. 7,000 lbs tensile
3.15% @ 540 lbs
Meets ANSI Requirements:
Melting Point:
Polyester melts @ 480°F
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