Silky NATA Hatchet: Like a Machete, But Better

Silky Saws May 23rd 2023

One of the more unusual tools in Silky’s lineup is the NATA Hatchet. It’s the weight of a short-handled axe, but shaped for chopping. The NATA's sharp, accurate blade was designed in Japan for cutting bamboo. Stateside, it’s just as useful in brush, thickets of young trees, and at your campsite.

The power of a machete comes from the swing the user puts into it. With the NATA, the weight of the tool gives drive to the cut. That makes the NATA a kindling-splitting machine. Tap a piece of cut branch wood or a section of sapling with the NATA and it splits like butter. It’s also a great tool for felling small trees and limbing large ones. Carrying an axe can be unwieldy. Carrying the NATA is low-impact. It tucks neatly into a backpack. It’s compact, and it stores in a secure, belt-mounted sheath where it’s easy to grab when you need it. When it’s time to cut, the NATA's weight adds force to your swing to help you get your project done.

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