Meet Krista Strating

Sherrilltree Mar 23rd 2023

We are so excited to play our part in advancing the industry and putting the spotlight on women in arboriculture by having our very first woman on the cover! Krista Strating (Husqvarna H Team and Notch Team member) is a Certified Arborist and World Tree Climbing champion based out of Ontario, Canada. Krista has been a climbing instructor for over 10 years and is involved with the Women's Tree Climbing Workshop – teaching women how to climb in a safe and empowering learning environment.

My name’s Krista Strating. I’m a Certified Arborist from Ontario, Canada. I’ve been a climbing arborist for over 14 years, working 7 years in the private sector and 7 in the municipal sector. I am also a Competitive Tree Climber, participating in climbing events all over the world for the last 12 years. I currently hold the title of North American Tree Climbing Champion and have won that title 4 times. I have also won my local Ontario Chapter 9 times. My greatest achievement in Competition climbing so far has been winning the World Tree Climbing title in 2018! Also winning the Team JAMBO title in 2019 was amazing!

Besides climbing for work and climbing for sport, I also teach! I’ve been a climbing instructor for Humber College for 10 years, teaching roughly 80 students a year how to climb and work a tree safely. I have also recently joined the Women’s Tree Climbing Workshop crew, putting on workshops teaching women how to climb in a safe, encouraging and empowering learning environment.

“This is a huge honour and the Sherrilltree Catalog was the first place I went and purchased gear way back when I started out, so this feel like a real full circle kind of moment for me in my career.”

In my spare time I enjoy playing soccer, hockey and recently started playing disc golf. I also love hanging out with friends and spending time with my family including 11 nieces and nephews!

Joining the Notch team has been a huge honour. Deciding to make the switch to Notch came down to their mission statement; Representing a commitment to safe and proper care of trees, through quality products. I’m excited to help and share in all the innovative products Notch has created and will create in the future!

You can follow Krista on Instagram @kristastrating.