HAAS Velox

Video Aug 29th 2016

The Velox improves upon the already ingenious HAAS system, adding an additional 18 inches of bungee to the system, giving you a total of 30 inches. The Velox has a double tube system that allows that 30 inches of in-line bungee to be contained within the unit, allowing over 30 inches of elongation The result is a smooth, unlimited ascent system that has zero set up, is one size fits all, and can be used by multiple users without any adjusting.

The snap is now tied just above the ascender and will extract out 30 inches, which eliminates any set up, as well as any “dead spots” in the return action. The bungee is terminated at the top of the Velox, travels down though a channel to the bottom where it is wrapped around a shiv with stainless steel sealed bearings inside a machined aluminum block for maximum friction reduction. It then returns back up a second channel where it is tied to the snap. Bungee is replaceable in under 5 minutes with no tools. Made by the guys at HAAS Tree Gear in Ohio.