What's In the Bag?

Krista Strating Apr 27th 2023

We've asked world tree climbing champion Krista Strating to spill the beans, and her bag on what gear she uses. Krista takes us through her Notch Pro Access Bag with insights on how she packs it, what she uses and why.

Krista Strating

I’m currently using the Notch Pro Access Bag. It’s great cause you can leave it closed and treat it as a bucket style bag, or open it right up and access everything!

I keep my Sentinel Harness, helmet and accessories inside the bag, while my rope and spurs are in separate bags. I don’t always need my spurs, so that’s why I keep them separate.

In the Access bag main compartment, I have 3 full throwline cubes, my harness, helmet and a mesh bag full of extra hitch cords, carabiners, DMM Captain Hook and some pulleys.

In the mesh compartment of the Pro Access Bag, I have webbing slings, Rope Wrench set up with the Fusion Tether, Friction Saver, extra gloves and glasses, tape, multi tool knife, and a handsaw in a scabbard.

In the zip up pocket inside the lid of the bag, I keep my Rope Runner Pro, foot ascender and chest harness. It’s easy to access whether the bag is opened or closed.

Any rigging gear I have in a separate bag so I don’t get anything mixed up. The thing I like the most about the Pro Access Bag is that I can carry everything I need to complete a job in one trip!

Notch Pro Access bag in the woods packed full with tree climbing gear
Notch Pro Access Bag laying open on the forest floor, showing tree climbing gear inside

This article was provided by Notch Equipment. Krista Strating is a Notch ambassador, certified arborist, World Tree Climbing champion (2018) and on the cover of the 2023 Sherrilltree catalog.