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Yale Blaze Rope 11mm


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Yale Blaze Rope 11mm - Climbing Line by Yale Cordage

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Yale Blaze Rope 11mm - Climbing Line by Yale Cordage


Yale Blaze 11mm - 5,600 lbs. tensile (6 lbs. /100ft) Blaze Rope from Yale is a new rope construction designed for use with the more advanced climbing tools and techniques, as well as with traditional methods. 

Blaze has a wonderful feel and great knot-tying characteristics, is designed for use with mechanical ascenders as well as self-belaying split tail techniques. This line is lightweight, spliceable, superbly suited to rope walking and uniquely recognizable by workers.

Like most kernmantle constructions, Blaze keeps its round shape, even under heavy loads, instead of squaring off like hollow-braid constructions. Blaze is well liked by climbers of all calibers and is especially popular on competition circuits. Yale ropes are the industry standard and you will find them at SherrillTree at the lowest prices.

Added eyes by Rope Logic include Scannable compatibility for track and trace capability.

Climbing Rope Specifications Chart (PDF)

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