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Sherrilltree Team Oct 8th 2020
We recently spoke with Gavin McWilliams, Technologies Global Product Manager for industrial and specialty ropes at Samson Ropes on what is next for them.

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We recently spoke with Gavin McWilliams, Technologies Global Product Manager for industrial and specialty ropes, at Samson Ropes on what is next for them.

  • What got you into the business?
  • I have a background in product management and marketing, and I loved what Samson was looking to do, in terms of growth. And then I became fascinated with rope – what it can do, how it behaves under different circumstances, if you change the construction by the tiniest bit, etc. It’s just so cool.
  • What do you think makes the arborist industry unique?
  • The happiness and joy everyone has to be working in this industry. The love for nature, the friendship they all have in one another. It’s why the arborist industry is my favorite market to work with.
  • What is the goal of Samson for the arborist industry?
  • We want to be able to provide arborists with the safest, best quality rope available to get their work done efficiently. Today’s working environments have changed radically and now include social distancing, smaller rotating crews, and ever-changing technical innovations. Real-world training, to keep personnel informed of best practices in using the tools of the trade, has become much more challenging, yet no less critical to success and safety. This is why Samson will soon be launching a virtual education experience to help with these challenges. More to come on that!
  • How does Samson keep the industry “safe” on the jobsite or in the products you make?
  • We have a very arduous testing and qualifying process for the ropes we make. We put the new ropes we make through the proverbial “ringer” to ensure they meet the high standards of the people in the field. We also continually test existing products to make sure they meet our own expectations.

Samson Dynasborb II

  • How does Samson come up with new projects/products?
  • We are always looking to get arborists the best products available - we talk to them daily, listen to their feedback and get their input. So, whether we are making improvements and tweaks to existing products, or bringing in products that arborists have asked for specifically, we have a team that is focused on making those improvements.

    Sherrilltree has also been a great partner to work with. When they recently approached us looking for innovations in climbing and rigging lines, Samson delivered.

    Samson tailor-made Dynasorb II, an energy-absorbing polyester/nylon rigging line, specifically around the extensive testing we had done around both static and dynamic rigging. The result, Dynasorb II, is a professional-level rigging line built around reducing the shock load from rigging systems.

    For climbing lines, Samson provided the 11.7mm Midnight Ivy, Tango Ivy and Silver Ivy, a 100% polyester double braid line for MRS and SRS systems, which has received rave reviews in the field as one of the best climbing lines around (their words). Along with an improved hand, we reduced the elongation at 540 lbs by 28%.
Sherrilltree Exclusive Midnight Ivy, Tango Ivy and Silver Ivy

Rope Runner Splash with Samson Silver Ivy

  • Can you tell us any new products/offerings that are on the horizon?
  • Absolutely. From an R&D perspective, our engineers are constantly looking at ways to push the envelope – testing, learning, understanding where we can improve based on the demanding life of an arborist. Samson is also looking to grow into the rescue and access space. We have received very high marks for our Mercury and Static lines, but we don’t want to rest on our laurels. We have a few products in the works that will come out in early 2021 – stay tuned.

  • Lastly, how can people connect with your company? Where can they try/see your products?
  • You can find us at and of course on
  • Thank you for your time and support of Sherrilltree.

You can shop Samson products here.