Prusiks and Split Tails

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Prusiks and split tails are commonly used items in tree climbing and rigging. The also come in handy for rope rescues and even spelunking in caverns. A prusik knot and split tail are vital when utilizing a rope to climb, whether that is a high cliff or a tree. A prusik loop and prusik knot ensure everything remains secure in the climb.

If you use a Blake's or Tautline hitch, introducing a split tail into your system like the Teufelberger Hi-Vee Split Tail provides many benefits. A split tail can be replaced when worn and is helpful when you need to reposition your climbing line as you no longer have to untie your system. Unclip the spliced eye and move forward in the process.

Double-eye prusiks are a great choice as you can use different cordage and friction hitches. BeeLine Black is popular with high heat resistance and consistent feel and comes in both 10mm and 8mm. The Samson Tenex Prusik continues to be popular with its quick break-in period and soft feel.

When selecting a double eye prusik or split tail, it is best to choose cordage 2-3mm smaller than your climbing line. This width will provide the best results witha prusik knot and beyond.

Why Use Prusiks and Split Tails

Why use prusik loop options and split tails when tree climbing and rigging? Is there a reason why these work well for these purposes?

When climbing, there is a lot of friction that occurs. A friction hitch with a prusik will help make rappelling in and upwards or downwards direction safe, reducing the chance of dangerous slipping and hoisting climbers to the top of the tree. Two prusiks can make everything even safer. A split tail connects to the prusik at the right length to attach the climbers with a nylon cord the prusik.

A fixed rope with just a carabiner is not a safe option. You want an additional line that handles enough friction in necessary rope rescue. Prusik knots and prusik loops enable a quality climbing experience that anyone moving in one direction will enjoy. There are even pre-sewn prusik loops to make attachment to the prusik hitch simpler.

A prusik knot is also simple to make on the go. If a climber is in a hurry, they can whip up a prusik knot in no time at all.

As a general rule, arborists should be attached to a line when climbing that can loosen and tighten with ease. A system of pulleys can work, but prusik systems often work better for the average climb.

Our Prusik Choices

These prusik and split tail ropes will work well for you, whether you are on the hunt for a climbing rope or fishing. There are many options that will work well for items like prusik hitches and a double fisherman's knot. Ensure you measure and pick the right size to stay as safe as possible.

Prusik cords are excellent for all your needs. Let's discuss a few of the ideal options out there. We think these will work well, whether you want to climb with a harness or are tying knots to make tension for a fishing line. Let's get started.