Work Positioning Lanyards

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Work Positioning Lanyards: Essential Gear for Tree Climbers

In the world of tree climbing, trust in your gear is non-negotiable. Your safety and efficiency rely on the integrity of every component in your tree climbing kit, and the work positioning lanyard is a critical part of that equation. From your harness to rope grabs, every element plays a vital role in ensuring perfect arborist work positioning, whether you're suspended in your harness, navigating the canopy, or ascending the tree.

Diverse Options in Tree Climbing Gear

Tree climbers have a range of options when it comes to work positioning lanyards, each designed to suit specific needs. Here are some popular choices:

1. Buckstraps: These affordable lanyards are still popular and work effectively on smaller trees and spars.

2. 2 in 1 Lanyards: Ideal for pine tree work, these lanyards offer versatility by allowing climbers to move up and over tree limbs while remaining securely connected to the line at all times. This configuration minimizes risk and enhances mobility in the tree canopy.

3. Fliplines: Fliplines offer a variety of options, from prusiks to mechanical adjusters, providing different levels of control and features. The ART Positioner is a well-regarded device that works with both ropes and wire core lanyards. Wire core lanyards provide added rigidity for ascending spars.

Top Choices for Work Positioning Lanyards

For those seeking the ultimate in work positioning lanyards, the Notch Rook Lanyards and Teufelberger hipStar Lanyards are the go-to options for any tree climb. These lanyards offer multiple configurations and options within a single product, making them a valuable investment in your safety and efficiency.

Trustworthy Lanyards for Arborists

Confidence in your tree climbing gear is paramount. All lanyard models manufactured by Rope Logic undergo rigorous field testing and are subjected to break machine testing. This ensures that the lanyards you receive are not only up to the challenges of the job but also provide a secure and efficient work positioning solution.