Work Positioning Lanyards

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The work positioning lanyard is integral tree climbing gear and an important part of any tree climbing kit. From the harness to your rope grabs, when you climb a tree, you need to trust your gear. Whether a flipline, buckstrap, or 2 in 1, all play a part in helping ensure perfect arborist work positioning to keep you safe and efficient in your harness, in the canopy, and during your climb.

Tree Climbing Gear

Buckstraps are inexpensive and still popular and work well on smaller trees and spars. The very popular 2 in 1 lanyards are a great choice for pine tree work, where multiple alternating branches are present. 2 in 1 lanyards provide an easy way to climb up and over the tree limbs while still remaining line connected at all times. The versatility of configurations and options allow easier movement through the tree canopy, while minimizing risk.

Fliplines offer the user many options from prusiks to mechanical adjusters, all of which provide varying control and features. The ART Positioner remains one of the most popular devices available and can be used on ropes or wire core lanyards. Wire core lanyards provide extra rigidity when needed during the climb, like ascending spars.

If you are looking for the ultimate Work Positioning Lanyard, the Notch Rook Lanyards and Teufelberger hipStar Lanyards are the go-to choices for any tree climb. Providing multiple options from a single product, these lanyards are well worth the investment.

You should feel confident in your tree climbing gear. That's why all the models of lanyards made by Rope Logic are tested in the field and on the break machine to guarantee the lanyards you receive can stand up to the rigors of the job and provide a safe and efficient work positioning solution.