Polesaws and Pole Pruners


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Fiberglass poles and aluminum poles are part of every pruning and tree cutting kit, and Sherrilltree offers a large selection of poles from Notch Equipment, Fred Marvin, and more.

Fiberglass poles are versatile and are available in many different lengths and can easily be connected together to provide the right length. You can also quickly change out between pruner heads or saw heads. 

Notch Equipment now offers telescoping aluminum poles that can be used with Silky blades, making for the perfect combination of adjustability, cutting power, speed, and efficiency. 

Why Use a Pole Pruner?

There are many reasons to use a pole pruner for your cutting uses. It's an incredible tool that takes away many climbing jobs.

If you have tall trees in your backyard, a pole pruner can help you reach the high branches with precision. Although they might have a hard time slicing through thicker branches, these extension poles work well for trimming purposes.

A pole pruner is excellent for getting those hard-to-reach branches in a tree. It reduces the climbing you have to do to reach the tallest spots in a tree. Consider a pole saw if you have places you can't touch in your yard.

Picking Out the Perfect Pole Pruner

Depending on your needs, you may have trouble picking out the right pole pruner. There are a number of different options on the market today, and each will affect your tree trimming routine in a unique way. If you have to cut branches and you don't know what you're looking for, keep these things in mind.

Power or Manual Pruners

If you're having to cut through thick branches, you may need to pick up a power pole pruner rather than a manual pruner. The cutting head is what determines this. Gas powered models will have a way to connect the saw to the pole itself, allowing you to operate them. Gas powered pole saws aren't the only powered models available, though. With advancements in technology, electric pole saws have become more common. These cordless pole pruners are light and easy to use.

However, not even tough branches can stand up to sharp, professional pole pruners. They're used with a pull stroke, and can help you cut branches in hard to reach places with ease. Sharp blades on a manual pruner are still a very viable option.

Choosing Your Pole Pruner Length

When you choose your pole pruner's length, you want to choose something that makes quick work out of the branches you can't reach. Some models offer telescoping poles, while others are a fixed length. Now, keep in mind, companies advertise maximum reach, not maximum length. Maximum reach is the length that the pole saw will reach when it's fully extended and it's held in your hand. You'll have to make sure that the figure lines up with your actual maximum reach.

Choosing the Blade Length

Blade length plays a lot into how much you can actually cut with your pole pruner. A pole pruner with a smaller blade may only be able to handle small branches, and are probably ideal for small yards. If you're pruning a large tree from the ground, however, you may need a longer blade. The longer the blade on the pole pruner, the larger the branches you can tackle!

Handle Material

The material that your pole pruner's handle is made from is important. Some are made from wood, others are made from steel. Fiberglass poles are also an excellent option! The weight of a tool comes into play when it comes to using it, and the handle material is a big part of the tool's weight. Make sure you pick the right handle material for your pruner.

Sherrilltree Has Professional Pole Pruners For You

No matter what services you're focusing on, we've got a pole pruner that can cover your needs. Whether or not it's a basic trim or a big job, you can find the pole pruner you'll enjoy using!