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Tree Climbing Spikes for Arborists: Choosing the Right Gear

Tree climbing spikes, often known as hooks, spurs, or climbers, are a crucial piece of equipment that should never be underestimated. Their proper fitment is essential, especially when tackling sizable timber on a spar. You'll find a variety of materials for tree climbing spikes, including steel, aluminum, and even lightweight carbon fiber options. Notably, Notch Geckos have introduced innovative designs and features with their Gecko Steel Climbers, complementing their successful Gecko Aluminum 2.0 and Gecko Carbon Fiber tree climbers. There are also excellent alternatives like the Edelrid Talon Steel Climbers, Buckingham Alloy Climbers, Stein X2, and models from manufacturers like Klein, Climb Right, and Weaver.

Understanding Tree Gaffs

Tree gaffs come in various lengths to suit different tree bark thicknesses. Longer tree gaffs are ideal for thick-barked trees, ensuring you can penetrate the bark and reach solid wood. In contrast, pole gaffs, or shorter spikes, are suitable for thinner bark where the longer gaff might keep you at a distance. Many models even allow for quick gaff changes to adapt to your specific needs.

Important Note: Protecting Trees

It's crucial to emphasize that tree climbing spikes should only be used when entirely removing a tree. Using climbing spikes for pruning or other tree work can harm the tree, leaving it vulnerable to pests and diseases.

Selecting Comfortable and Effective Climbing Spurs

When choosing climbing spurs, it's vital to prioritize both the health of the tree and the comfort of the arborist. Comfort plays a significant role because climbing trees can be an all-day endeavor. Consider the following factors when selecting climbing spurs:

1. Material: Choose between steel, alloy, titanium, or carbon fiber, depending on durability and weight preferences. Steel is sturdy but heavy, while carbon fiber is lightweight but may wear out more quickly.

2. Shin Pad Design: Decide between fixed shin pads or sleeved shin pads. Fixed shin pads offer stability, while sleeved pads offer flexibility.

3. Gaff Length: Select gaff length based on your climbing style and the tree's bark thickness.

Replacing Parts for Your Climbing Spurs

Fortunately, when parts of your spurs wear out, replacement parts are readily available. Explore a wide range of replaceable tree climbing spike parts, including sleeves, gaffs, bolts, and screws, to ensure your gear stays in top condition.

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