Get the most out of your Notch Glide Rope Grab Apr 5th 2023
Notch Equipment answers some common questions to help you get started in using the Notch Glide Rope Grab.

What is the purpose of the Glide Rope Grab?
The Glide Rope Grab is a cam-based horizontal and vertical work positioning lanyard adjuster. The purpose of the rope grab is to adjust the length of the climbers’ lanyard or flipline. It’s often referred to as a lanyard adjuster and it replaces the traditional prusik cordage on the rope.

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What problem does the Glide solve?
Glide allows adjustment under load which typically is not possible using similar products. The product is super responsive when pulling the slack of the end of the lanyard or increasing length due to its smooth cam face. It also has a swivel eye so it eliminates rope twisting on the lanyard.

Are there any limitations to working conditions? Think temperature, sap, and sharps.
There are no working restrictions for this product. Feel free to use it in any situation that warrants a lanyard, flipline, or positioner.

Can the Glide be used on a single line, for example, if you had to choke off your lanyard?
Yes, the Glide can be used in single-line configuration as a lanyard adjuster- as long as it's not the primary load point. You must still be attached to a climbing system with your lanyard as the secondary attachment point. Our field testers believe it doesn’t function as smoothly in this setup when the body load is suspended below the device, but it did not slip.

What are products that the Glide works well with?
The Glide works well with double braid and kernmantle rope lanyards between 11 & 13mm in diameter. It’s also compatible with ½” wire core ropes.

What sets this product apart from other products in the industry and why?
TThe unique clutch and cam design are the first of their kind in the industry to be compatible with such a broad range of lanyard types. The cam is removable and you can adjust the settings to optimize the friction with ropes between 11 and 13mm in diameter. Removing the cam entirely allows the use of wire core lanyards.

Additionally, the cam is smooth, which means it’s rope friendly and minimizes rope damage after extended use.

What is the most common issue? How do you avoid misuse?
The correct hand position is key to optimal rope tending. This means holding the grab with the palm directly on top of the palm rest will yield the best results.

Customers should reference the “quick start guide” to maximize their experience. This comes with the product packaging. You can also check out the installation and instruction video on the Notch Insider blog as well as on the Glide product page.

How easy is this product to use?
On a scale of 1 (very easy) to 5 (difficult/complicated, needs calibration, requires practice before using at height.)

This product is a "2" - The product is relatively intuitive with the correct hand positioning; with a few hours of adjustment the product will become very comfortable and natural to operate.

What is the best way to store the product?
The best practice is keeping the Glide Rope Grab attached to the lanyard and stowing it together. There’s no need or advantage to removing the grab from the lanyard.

What is the best way to clean the product?
Keeping the Glide clean is important to keeping the grab working properly throughout the life of the product. You can maintain optimal performance by cleaning the rope path and cam with compressed air to avoid any debris buildup which can impede rope movement.

Please review the installation and instruction video for how to access the removable cam and rope path.