Buckingham Ergovation Fall Arrest Y Chest Harness


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Turns the Ergovation harness into an approved fall arrest harness.

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Turns the Ergovation harness into an approved fall arrest harness.


The Ergovation™ Y-Style Retro Chest Harness is a unique retro harness tailored specifically to users that require either dorsal or sternal fall arrest attachment. It also has the ability to accommodate climbers utilizing Single Rope Technique (SRT) to access their work vertically. This Y-Style Retro Harness is unmatched in comfort, durability, and versatility and its features include:

• ¼” closed cell foam padding for improved comfort and hygiene.
• Pads that are stitched to the harness webbing to prevent shifting and improve easy donning of harness.
• Aluminum D-ring for decreased weight and increased comfort while aloft.
• Y2 friction buckles for quick and secure adjustment of webbing in front and in back.
• A one of a kind snap retention system to secure chest ascender to Y-Style Retro Chest Harness.
• The only retro chest harness on the market that accommodates both sternal and dorsal fall arrest, as well as a chest ascender attachment for SRT access.
• By utilizing the harness the climber is able to decrease the strain on the low back region and disperse the weight of the saddle, as well as the tools that the climber is using, throughout the entire upper body.

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