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Rope Logic's Dyneema Eye Sling 10mm 16ft


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Made in house by SHERRILLtree

Active slide of Rope Logic's Dyneema Eye Sling 10mm 16ft


Made in house by SHERRILLtree


The eye sling is perhaps the most versatile tether for rigging hardware. A block, Portawrap or other device is secured within the sling’s eye, and a choking hitch such as a cow hitch or timber hitch is tied using the running end. Although one must know knots to use an eye sling, there’s no arguing its efficient simplicity.

Amsteel Blue, Samson Rope’s brand name for Dyneema (HMPE) is pound for pound equivalent in strength to steel wire. Amsteel Blue is not only lightweight (only one-seventh the weight of wire), it’s also as soft as silk and less bulky than any other sling grade materials! With a braid construction that’s easily inspected, Amsteel has been widely used for more than four years with excellent results for a variety of industrial applications including tree rigging.

10mm Samson Amsteel Blue 12-Strand Single Braid, Dyneema, 16', 19,600 pound tensile strength, 1,960 pound WLL, weighs 11.4 ounces

Scannable compatible for track and trace capability
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